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Together, by doing business differently
we are making a difference.

“Giving something back”

One fifth of all net proceeds go to
Local and global humanitarian projects.

Red Rose Realty

My story: Principal/Licensee Rose Wanchap

I would like to introduce you to how Red Rose Realty works and why this business was bought into being.  You won’t find fancy slogans but you will read my “story” that comes straight without any frills.

It is clear, I operate a unique Real Estate office.   See the wonderful selection of listed properties, yet what is probably not so obvious is what I do with some of the profits. This is what makes such a difference for those less fortunate.  More recently I have allocated funds and time to be an environmental activist campaigning for a better safer world for us all to live in.

I always felt I have lived a charmed life, born the eldest daughter of a large and loving family in the lucky country, Australia, three amazing children and now five equally amazing grand children.

I had been making a very good living working on commission for real estate agents since the early 80′s, having circum-navigated the world a few times with my children, living in various countries for differing lengths of time but when my grandchildren started arriving I felt, life was just too good and I had better do something to give thanks, balance the books so to speak, give something back.

And Red Rose Realty was born.  It came out of an idea I had to fund various humanitarian projects from income generated from business which in turn created more business.  I called it “making a difference, doing business differently”

It is hard to talk about ones own good deeds, almost embarrassing but I have decided to throw caution to the wind, the ends justifying the means, and began an advertising programme detailing what I was doing with the 20% of net income to make peoples lives around me better.

When you  pay commission, and lets face it, the fee you pay to someone to sell your property can be one of the largest costs you will have to meet, how amazing would it be to see some of it fund a well in Ethiopia,  provide a single mum with a months rent,  a homeless person with a food voucher or to start a campaign to alert the public to the dangers of pesticide use to name just a few projects I have been able to fund over the past 10 years.

See some of the projects funded and the difference we have made since Red Rose was created……

It has been an extraordinary journey, fulfilling my dreams of still making a great living whilst funding projects that I am passionate about.

Very few small agencies can maintain the quality and quantity of listings needed to generate the ground swell of clientele to meet the day to day costs of running an agency.

With so many people choosing to do business with me I have been honoured to be one of the few who have made it.  In a town like Byron Bay, competing with the big franchise agencies was always going to be challenging but I have had a large piece of the pie.  It was fascinating to see no matter how much I gave, I just kept receiving; the business just kept flowing in.

In many cases those who felt they just needed a big agency on board as well have chosen to list their property in a co-exclusive arrangement with my agency.

I have an advantage over the big agencies having lower overheads I can devote a large budget to advertising.  Whilst a lot of sales enquiries come now via the internet, many people especially the over 60′s do not find it easy to navigate the massive amounts of data preferring the newspaper adds.   I do not skimp on this media outlet.  I do not charge for this service either which is always most welcomed by owners.  I called it “giving something back” to my vendors.  In giving a generous advertising budget to each vendor I gleaned more purchasers which in turn gave me more sales and disposable income for projects which bought me more business.  The circle of life is wonderful.

So if you have read this far, you must be very interested.  If you would like to do business with my agency, either to sell or to purchase a home, I would love to hear from you.

Regards,   Rose

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Groups supported in the past by Red Rose Realty:

Sea Sheperd, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, Australian Kidney Foundation, Bay FM, Byron Bay Peace Carnival, Byron Emergency Accommodation Project, Byron Environment Centre, ChildFund, Far North Coast Centre for Autism, Firesedge, Friends of Walaboine, Greenpeace, Island Quarry, North Coast Pathways, Pathways Foundation, Rainforest Rescue, Special Children’s Christmas Party, Surf Life Saving Club Inc Byron Bay, Sustainability Research Institute, The Fatherhood Project and The Leukemia Foundation, The Australian Red Cross

One of our projects is The “Wellwishers” Programme

So far Red Rose has purchased 6 wells in Ethiopia providing fresh water for 6 villages Each well can support up to 1,000 men women and children providing fresh water for them, their crops and their livestock for many generations to come.

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At Red Rose, our commitment to you is:

  • That we will excel in making your journey into the property world a pleasurable experience.
  • That all transactions will be conducted with the highest integrity
  • That we be transparent in our actions, endeavoring always to rectify our mistakes, honouring our debts, speaking the truth in all situations.

And, above all else, that we will ease the burden of those not so fortunate by giving something back to our local and global communities by sharing the incredible bounty that the Real Estate Industry provides.